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Lady Gaga is poking fun at her many eccentricities with the help of "Saturday Night Live." 

Taking on double-duty for the first time this weekend, she appeared as a frumpy Apple store worker defending her title of "genius" on a talk show hosted by Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.  Her character wore a moppy brown wig, glasses and a baggy flannel shirt. 

But Gaga took on more controversial parts of her pop stardom, as well.  In another sketch, called "What?? The Worst Cover Songs of All Time," she played herself, playing herself, singing a terrible version of Madonna's "Express Yourself."  Gaga has been criticized by Madonna, among others, for the similarities between the song and her own "Born This Way." 

She also played herself in the distant future as a washed-up pop star, spilling to her super, Kenan Thompson, about her formerly glamorous life. 

For her monologue however, Gaga reminded viewers of her raw vocal talent.  Dressed in a 30s-style flapper dress, she sang a jazz version of her single "Applause" mashed-up with "New York, New York."  

Watch the full episode:

For her musical performances, she sat behind a piano to sing "Gypsy" and also enlisted R. Kelly to perform their new song "Do What U Want."  The two got hot and heavy on the stage, with the star dancing around and straddling the R&B singer.

Check it out below!