(NEWSER) – Some might call it emblematic, others, just routine maintenance: Either way, as the clock ticked toward ObamaCare's midnight deadline, HealthCare.gov spent a few hours offline today. Politico reports that the site came down for maintenance around 3am ET, with Health and Human Services officials ascribing the outage to a software bug. It appears to be back online at the time of this writing, and those who tried to access the site during the outage were able to submit their email to be notified when the site was back up. More last-minute tidbits:


  • We are a nation of procrastinators: Last night, HHS revealed that the site saw 2 million visits over the weekend, and that the ObamaCare call center fielded 2.5 million calls in the last week—compared to 2.4 million for all of February, reports USA Today.
  • Joe Biden is trying to help: By appealing to America's youth via an appearance on Rachael Ray's show today.

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