House Censures GOP Rep. Paul Gosar, Strips Him Of Committee Assignments

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The House of Representatives voted to censure GOP Rep. Paul Gosar and strip him of his committee assignments for tweeting an animated video depicting him killing Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The edited video was from a scene from the Japanese animated series Attack on Titan and had Gosar's face superimposed over the hero of the show as he killed the villain, who had the face of Ocasio-Cortez superimposed over his. The video also showed him attacking President Joe Biden.

"The creativity of my team is off the hook," Gosar wrote on the post.

The tweet was removed by Twitter for violating its policy on hateful conduct and sparked a furious backlash from Democrats.

"It is disgusting, madame speaker, whenever someone out in the world tweets a threat of violence or hateful content, but when a member of the house does so – no matter how you rationalize it, no matter how you try to put lipstick on that pig – it is a threat of violence," House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said. "What Representative Gosar did last week is not just worthy of censure. It demands it."

The votes were both 223 to 207, with Ohio Republican David Joyce voting present. Two Republicans, Reps. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger voted with Democrats in favor of censuring Gosar and stripping him of his committee assignments.

Gosar is the 24th person to be censured by the House and the first since 2010 when New York Rep. Charlie Rangel was censured for ethics violations.

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