In Coast You Missed It 6/15/18

This past week featured another diverse array of offerings from Coast to  Coast AM and the C2C website, including programs on hostile UFO  encounters and the latest in the war over GMO foods as well as a viral  'mystery rocket' being identified and a psychic pig offering up World  Cup predictions. Check out some of the stories and shows which were  highlights from the week that was here at C2C with In Coast You Missed  It.

While the world was talking about the Trump-Kim summit earlier this  week, there was another meeting of the minds during around the same time  that may have been even stranger: Flat Earth fans gathering with skeptics.  The curious confab occurred in California when a scientific  organization performed a series of experiments aimed at debunking the  infamous conspiracy theory. Alongside the skeptics were around two dozen  Flat Earth enthusiasts who took in the scene and quickly declared that  the showcase failed to prove anything. Fortunately both sides agreed to  disagree rather than resort to fisticuffs over the highly-charged  conspiracy theory.

Speaking of epic showdowns, one of the more unsettling and underexplored aspects of the UFO phenomenon are incidents of hostile encounters with these mysterious craft.  Longtime paranormal researcher Timothy Green Beckley recounted a number  of such troubling cases during his appearance on Monday night's  program. Among the events he discussed were the legendary Cash-Landrum  case as well as a truly mystifying UFO sighting in Canada which went on  to earn recognition in the form of an awesome coin recently issued by the Canadian Royal Mint.

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Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

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