Leftists Call for 4-Day Workweek to Combat Climate Change

RUSH: Look at this. From the UKGuardian.com: "Paper Straws Won’t Save the Planet – We Need a Four-Day Week.” Dissension in the ranks when it comes to climate change. As you know, San Francisco, a lot of California towns and others have banned plastic straws because they create climate change. They cause destruction of the environment, which then leads to the destruction of the planet.

So somebody's come along: This is crazy. This is a crock. This is not gonna make any difference. We need a four-day workweek. “Working less would massively reduce our carbon footprint, and bring many other benefits besides. … However, to achieve a more ecologically sustainable economy, changing minds will not be enough, we need to change behaviors.”

See, this is quintessential liberalism. They cannot leave it up to changing minds. That's too difficult. That's too hard. In fact, it's impossible. If people are given an honest comparison between the left-wing version of a problem or solution and a right-wing, they're never gonna chose the left-wing or very rarely. Liberals know this. It's why they're not interested in debate. It's why they're not interested in mentioning what the other side thinks.

It's why they must use force. They must use force because they can't change minds, and this is all too crucial. So they've gotta force people to accept what they believe and in the process of doing this they try to eliminate any other point of view so that there's no competition, so that there's no choice. Right here it is. Who wrote this thing? Andre Spicer. Never heard of him, but he's obviously a liberal in good standing.

“However, to achieve a more ecologically sustainable economy, changing minds will not be enough, we need to change behaviours.” Meaning, we need to be in control of the way people live. “Small tweaks such as not using plastic straws or minimising food waste will make some difference. But if we hope to make real progress, we need to make bigger alterations in what we do. One behaviour change that will have a positive impact on the environment is a four-day working week.”

He goes on to cite a cluster of recent studies. “Working less is good for the environment.” What an absolute crock. That won't even hold up to common sense, but here comes the attempt to explain it. “One analysis found that if we spent 10% less time working, our carbon footprint would be reduced by 14.6%,” which is absolutely insane!

Besides that, real productive people, you can't get them to cut back on the amount of work they do anyway. That's the real flaw here. To these people, work is something you don't want to do. You never really want to do it. You have to be forced to do it. You have to be paid to do it. And you love not doing it.

Now, that applies to a lot of people, sure, but it's not gonna apply to everybody. If it doesn't apply to everybody, it can't possibly work. And this is so absurd, it can't work anyway. But this is the kind of stuff that they soak up and then pass on.

“If we cut the hours we work by 25% – or a day and a quarter each week – our carbon footprint would decline by 36.6%.” So? We've been reducing carbon footprints. It doesn't make any difference because it's CO2. CO2 is needed. The environment needs it. We can't help it. We exhale it. Ah, this stuff is so insane.

“Another study found that if people in the US (who work notoriously long hours) worked similar hours to Europeans (who work much less), then they would consume about 20% less energy.” So now the left, in its attempt to force people to behave in the way they think they have to behave, now are going to try to convince people that work is bad, that work damages and kills and destroys things, including the worker. And we now again need to be more like the Europeans.

So, yeah, that's right. We just immediately become like all of the failed economies of Europe. “Reducing the time we spend working would be welcomed by many. A recent UK poll found that 74% of people supported a four-day week. Experiments with the shorter working week dating back to the 1970s found that employees tended to be more satisfied with their job.”

So what? What does that matter. You're not interested in people being satisfied with anything. That's the whole point. People aren't behaving the way you want them to behave. You're dissatisfied with them. That's the answer here.

But note they admit they are going to have to force things on people on top of a bunch of failed premises, that work now is destroying the planet folks! Work is destroying the environment! Work is leading to the inhabitability of the planet! They're not just scaring kids. They're scaring all kinds of people who don't know any better, which is their modus operandi.


RUSH: Yeah, so that's how they want to destroy a great economy, fully employed workforce, tell us that that is causing climate change. Work, too much work, too many people working, destroying the environment, ultimately destroying the planet, so we need to cut back to a four-day week. Right.

I don't know, folks. I will admit to you -- I know you all feel the same within your cities, towns, communities, and neighborhoods -- but the abject silliness, the sheer stupidity, the rampant illogic of what people on the left say and do is widely amplified and reported. And the fact that so many people don't see it is so frustrating, and it has been for 30 years. At some point you just tend to give up and not even worry about it anymore. There's no way people are gonna see through it.

And yet people do because these people are not dominant yet. They're not able to prevail in straight-up contests. And when they lose straight-up contests, look what they do -- claim cheating, then they try to rewrite everything and pretend that their loss didn't happen such as 2016.

But just on the surface of it, it wasn't that long ago, during the time I was growing up, if some politician had come along and said that there are too many people working, it's destroying the planet, it's causing environmental damage, the guy would have been laughed out of politics. Even if the media had become a big champion, he would have been laughed out of politics.

But today it's taken seriously, it's put in the blender, mixed around, and people give it serious analysis. And it's just ridiculous.

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