The Fa$cination with Bloomberg

RUSH: Wherever I went Friday, Saturday, wherever I went you know the number one thing people asked me about? Bloomberg. Look, I understand it. The guy is rich beyond rich, and that's the attraction. It never ceases to amaze me how rich people are just giant magnets. Now, they never have been for me, so again, I find myself in the unique position of not being dazzled and impressed and blown away, but I couldn't escape it. Wherever I went: "Rush, what do you think of Bloomberg getting in?"

I said, "What is it about Bloomberg that you like? Why is it such a big deal to you?"

“Because of the money he's got, Rush, he could go out there and buy it.” Have you seen a picture of the guy? He's five feet tall. There's no way he's gonna get elected. Have you not listened to anything the man has said? This is the guy that wanted to limit the size of your freaking soft drink as mayor of New York. This is the guy who said that the ChiCom dictator is not a dictator, that he has to please his constituents if he's gonna survive.

But you know what happens in our society? Rich people are automatically assumed to be brilliant because they're rich. Everybody assumes you gotta be super smart, uniquely smart, rarely intelligent in order to get rich. And, folks, I'm telling you, I have met a lot of empty-headed rich people. It is not a truism.

Now, many of them are, do not misunderstand, but it's not an automatic. And then we have to redefine smart, by the way, because that's a word the definition to which has been expanded to include any number of things that literally do not denote intelligence. Which, to me, is really nothing more than common sense.

I mean, some of the most highly and formally educated people I've run into in my life have been vacant in the head except about the area of their expertise. But this Bloomberg fascination, look, I don't want to diminish it because it has major ramifications for the Democrats. And it could blow up the Democrats' move to the left if he is serious about seeking the nomination and tries to and would happen to get it.

Anyway, more on Bloomberg as the program unfolds. He's not even formally running yet and people are still curious and going bonkers. (interruption) No, it's not so much that people thought that Bloomberg's a threat to Trump. No, no, no, no. It's not that. It's just the overall fascination, “Ooh, Bloomberg, what do you think of Bloomberg?” Nothing. I don't think anything of it. I don't think a damn thing about Bloomberg getting in. It doesn't scare me, it doesn't do anything other than provide me show prep fodder. But, no, it doesn't scare me.

“It doesn't scare you?”

“No, it doesn't scare me. Why does it scare you?”

“Look at the money he's got.” There we go again. So, anyway, it's purely anecdotal, I understand. But you look at the Drive-By Media, they're overwhelmed with Bloomberg stories. But the reason they are is because the way they look at Bloomberg is somebody upsetting the applecart. The Democrat Party wants to go full on, bat excrement communist this election, and Bloomberg is not that. And he would run as a Democrat.

But, folks, there's one thing that remains a truism today, and it has not changed, I don't care what polls you're looking at, the frontrunner for the Democrat nomination remains Plugs. Elizabeth Warren is not the frontrunner. She may have had a couple of polls where she shines and does well, but overall Plugs is it right now.

You can also gauge some of the reaction of Bloomberg if you look at the Bernie supporters and the Elizabeth Warren supporters. They're not happy at all. They've got their dreams, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the rest of that crowd, have their dreams of going full-on communist in their nominee and winning the election in 2020. And whatever Bloomberg is, he's not that.

See, I'm too literal. I literally am too literal for this game. To me, Bloomberg has disqualified himself by simply sitting there and telling people in New York what they can and can't eat, how big their soft drinks can and can’t be. That to me is an automatic disqualification. We don't want somebody in a position of power who looks at us as though we're a bunch of children and can't live our lives making up our own minds because we're not smart enough to.

So we have to put limits on the size of your soft drink? The guy should have been laughed out of New York City, if you ask me. This is where the frustration sets in. I think that's the common sense reaction. In a country known for its devotion to freedom for the individual, to have that not be a gigantic red flag. I guess some people don't take it seriously, “Ah, Rush, that's just New York mayor stuff. He's not really serious. He'd never do that as president.”

Oh, he wouldn't? Why? Something that's happened once can happen again much easier than something that's never happened can happen. The guy's got a track record.


RUSH: One other thing about Michael Bloomberg, he's as big a gun grabber at Beto O'Rourke. The guy is right side-by-side with Beto in wanting to take guns away. By the way, we have a funny statement from Biden on guns proving he doesn't even know what he's talking about.

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