BRING IMPEACHMENT TO THE SENATE: Public hearings, more transcripts, and ...


< br />Thanksgiving is approaching fast and public impeachment hearings start this Wednesday with George Kent and Bill Taylor. Stu gives rundown of CNN's impeachment schedule moving forward. Over 2700 pages in transcripts have already been made public, from Fiona Hill, Gordon Sondland, Marie Yovonovitch, and others, and plenty more are coming. We can't let this be buried by the holiday season like the Clinton impeachment. The House Democrats want a vote by the end of the year, but Republicans MUST continue the fight in the Senate where Trump has the right to a defense! Play offense and bring up everything from Burisma and the Bidens to where our $7 billion went! Blow it out of the water and EXPOSE all that the Democrats are willing to do to remove Trump.

This article originally appeared on Glenn Beck

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