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Why Our Education Secretary Gets a Big, Fat 'F' | 11/28/23

Best of the Program | 11/28/23

As the media continues to lie about the types of hostages the Israeli Defense Forces took, Glenn sets the record straight on the dangers those hostages posed to Israeli citizens. Glenn and Stu look forward to the 2024 presidential election and discuss the oddity of Biden still having a chance at re-election. Did Sports Illustrated publish an article written by artificial intelligence? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Why Is AT&T Spying on Us? | 11/27/23

If you have AT&T as your cellular company, you may be being spied on as the company teams up with the federal government. Glenn gives an update on the ongoing Israeli/Palestinian conflict, with one American hostage released and the majority of Palestinians supporting the destruction of Israel. Glenn discusses the difference between artificial intelligence and superior artificial general intelligence as Sam Altman, one of the co-founders of OpenAI, was let go from the company. Glenn reviews the biopic "Napoleon," and he and Stu discuss the box office failure and Disney’s "Wish" as woke policies continue to cost studios millions. The guys discuss the policies of Argentina’s newest leader, Javier Milei, and the Left’s new disdain for him. Glenn speaks about how he handles the stresses of watching his kids endure hardships. Glenn and Stu discuss Dolly Parton’s performance at the Thanksgiving Cowboys game. Why are the Air Marshals following Jan. 6 suspects instead of focusing on bigger threats? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Best of the Program | 11/27/23

If you have AT&T as your cellular company, you may be being spied on as the company teams up with the federal government. The guys discuss the policies of Argentina’s newest leader, Javier Milei, and the Left’s new disdain for him. Glenn speaks about how he handles the stresses of watching his kids endure hardships. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Courage is Contagious | The Glenn Beck Program | 11/24/23

Filling in for Glenn, Justin Barclay discuss another transgender athlete making waves at the college ranks for finding success as a woman, after no notable accomplishments as a male athlete. Riley Gaines joins the program to weigh in and talk about the response by female athletes that she has seen. Speaker Johnson continues to get backlash from the left for having the nerve to suggest that porn might be a terrible thing for he and his son to view, and they need to hold each other accountable. Ron DeHaas joins the program to discuss the fight against pornography, especially when viewed by minors. Justin discusses the latest fight against a Chinese virus infecting their hospitals... are we going to go through COVID-Part 2? Maybe not, as Justin explains what is really happening, as well as the fight back against enemy agents trying to infiltrate at the local levels with former Ambassador Pete Hoekstra. Just how corrupt has the American justice system gotten? Are we really living in a banana republic? Julie Kelly joins Justin to discuss how radical some judges have been to defendants in the January 6th trials, as well as to just conservatives in general. How is protesting the death of a five-year old girl who was stabbed by an immigrant considered "far-right"? Jonathon Dunne joins Justin from Ireland to discuss the way the protests in Dublin are being covered by the media at large versus what truly is going on. Justin also discusses the latest from Israel, as 25 hostages have been released, yet none of them are the Americans still trapped overseas. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Elon Musk: The Left’s Biggest Threat? | 11/22/23 | The Glenn Beck Program

Filling in for Glenn, Pat and Stu discuss Israel agreeing to a five-day ceasefire in an attempt to free the hostages that Hamas has held since the conflict began. But does this deal prove America’s reduced prominence on the world stage? America has more diversity than most countries around the world. X owner Elon Musk has sued Media Matters as the Left sets its targets on Musk. Pat and Stu discuss the latest presidential endorsement received by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Does Biden have any opinions of his own, or does he only mirror the whims of the Democratic Party? The guys expose cancel culture for only focusing on specific topics and mindsets. Will football be ruined by leftists who are worried about injuries? Pat and Stu discuss the oddity of Donald Trump and the different reporting he receives from various networks. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

The Biggest Biden Issue the Media CAN’T Ignore | 11/21/23 | The Glenn Beck Program

Filling in for Glenn, Pat Gray reveals to Stu an unfortunate connection to Joe Biden. Biden turned 81 yesterday, and the media can no longer ignore the president's mental decline. But should voters be concerned about Trump’s age as well? Biden’s tendency to exaggerate his stories is getting so apparent that even outlets like the New York Times are calling it out. Does the media believe Americans are stupid enough to believe Biden is doing an excellent job on the economy? Pat and Stu discuss the discouraging trend of anti-American entertainment. The January 6 sensationalism continues with the Left and the media. Some on the Left are turning on Biden due to his stance on the Israel-Hamas war. Pat and Stu go through the latest instances of shrinkflation. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

The REAL Thanksgiving Prices Under Biden | 11/20/23 | The Glenn Beck Program

Filling in for Glenn, Pat and Stu discuss the ongoing Israel-Hamas war and the hostage situation that is happening. Is the media reporting on the hostage situation accurately? Stu goes through the current state of the presidential race. President Biden is turning 81 years old, and the guys discuss his declining mental health. But is Trump’s age also becoming an issue? A Nobel Prize winner talks about climate change and shockingly admits there is no climate emergency. The cost of Thanksgiving has gone down this year but unfortunately is still higher than in previous years. Biden continues to brag about the state of the economy, but people aren’t buying it. Pat and Stu revisit the Osama bin Laden letter and point out a primary misconception written in it. Recent polls show a much higher approval for Israel than Hamas. Bill Maher rebukes all the mispronunciations of Vivek Ramaswamy's name. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Ep 202 | What to Tell ‘Woke Idiots’ Who Hate Israel | Konstantin Kisin | The Glenn Beck Podcast

"TRIGGERnometry" co-host Konstantin Kisin grew up in the Soviet Union, so he knows what tyranny looks like. These days, it’s huge mobs of pro-Palestinian protesters prowling the streets, celebrating Hitler — literally. As Kisin tells Glenn: “The people who’ve spent seven years calling people Nazis can’t recognize actual Nazis when they see them.” He suggests that they be rewarded with a one-way ticket to Gaza. Speaking from his home in London — where hundreds of thousands of anti-Israel Brits marched in solidarity with anti-Semitism — Kisin warns Glenn that the situation is about to get even worse. Throughout this episode of “The Glenn Beck Podcast,” he exudes a palpable unease as he charts the telltale signs of a further societal demise, from the indoctrination that has overtaken the education system and the lack of religion to Russia’s war in Ukraine and the terrifying rise of anti-Semitism. He describes his evolution from a centrist-leaning political commentator to someone who sees the far Left for what it is: hateful and dangerous. But Kisin and Glenn’s discussion is not all doom and gloom. Kisin, who’s interviewed notable guests like Jordan Peterson and Bill Maher on his podcast, thinks that a course correction has already started taking place. For example, he tells Glenn why the collapse of the mainstream media is a good thing and why people should be hopeful that social media will someday be as taboo as cigarettes are today. He’s also optimistic about the future of comedy, especially here in America: “People are realizing that wokeness is not the solution to the crisis of meaning and purpose that many young people are suffering.” Sponsors:  If you're one of the millions of Americans who suffer every day from pain, there is hope, and it comes in the form of Relief Factor. If you want a drug-free and natural way to get your life back, go to or call 1-800-4-RELIEF to get the $19.95 three-week quick start.   You could save up to $500 with Good Ranchers' Black Friday offer. Head on over to https://GOODRANCHERS.COM/GLENN and use discount code GLENN at checkout for $15 off any box, plus a year of your favorite meat for free when you subscribe.   The Jase Case from Jase Medical is a great way to keep yourself prepared for the worst. It's a pack of five different courses of antibiotics that you can use to treat a long list of bacterial infections. Go to and use offer code BECK at checkout to get a special discount.    "The Glenn Beck Podcast" has partnered with PreBorn with a goal of saving 70,000 babies in 2023. A donation of just $28 will help a woman to make a choice that she won’t have to regret for the rest of her life, and gives her the ultimate blessing: life. Get involved today by dialing #250 and saying the keyword BABY or donate securely at  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

The Race for Second Place: Which Candidate Could Take On Trump? | 11/17/23

Following the wave of TikTokers defending Osama bin Laden’s letter explaining why he attacked America on 9/11, many influencers are fighting back as others are doubling down, praising a second letter that has resurfaced. Filling in for Glenn, Stu and Pat dig through the radicalism in bin Laden’s letter that people somehow support. Pat and Stu discuss the idea of a two-state solution being impossible as Israel continues to fight off Hamas. The guys review a satirical clip from the BBC focusing on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict that is practically no longer satire. Pat and Stu discuss the current standings on Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley and which candidate has the best chance at ousting Donald Trump. Jeffy joins Pat and Stu to discuss President Biden’s inability to serve in office and who might be a viable candidate to replace him. Amazon will soon let you purchase cars directly from its website. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit