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Bill O’Reilly: Action against Hunter Biden is COMING SOON

Hunter Biden is going on the offense. Joe Biden’s son reportedly wants to sue certain media outlets for defamation based on their reporting of his laptop scandal. Bill O’Reilly tells Glenn that this shows Hunter Biden is GOING ROGUE, because there’s no way the White House would sign off on such a plan. Plus, O’Reilly explains why this latest development in the Hunter Biden story signals that action against the president’s son likely is COMING SOON….

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GLENN: Mr. Bill O'Reilly is joining us today at an earlier time. We appreciate his flexibility, a lot happening on today's show. And I really felt it was important to get Bill's take on a couple of things.

First of all, your take on what's happened politically with Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump, they've started to kind of fight against each other.

Is this the way it's going to be? And do you think that works out well for either DeSantis or Trump?

BILL: Well, first of all, Beck, you put me on early because you just want to get it out of the way. I know that. All right. Here he is.

Let's just get him out of the way. And we'll do the rest of the show. You know, we know.

Yeah. I mean, look, it's becoming fairly clear now, that DeSantis is going to launch probably in April or May. A form campaign.

GLENN: Yes. Right.

BILL: Trump knows that. Trump's campaign style is attack, attack, attack. DeSantis has to reply. But I don't think he's going to reply on the same level.

GLENN: I agree.

BILL: Yeah. He'll just counterpunch. And hope that the attacks are so over the top, that, it drives Republican voters to him.

So, yes. It's going to be a little bit nasty, depending on, you know, Donald Trump's mood that day. I mean, there's no filter there.

GLENN: I know. I know.

You know, Donald Trump has -- has problems with the COVID narrative. But I will tell you, that he's the only one that has any credibility of really almost any president, maybe except for Ronald Reagan, in a way.

That has credibility on stopping wars.

I mean, it's clear he does not want America tangled into a war. He doesn't want any of these things. Do you think if he won again, he could actually change the course of what's happening now?

BILL: You know, it's impossible to answer that question, but I can give you an educated analysis. Because I have Mike Pompeo on the No Spin News, which I know watch every day, right over on the Blaze. And then prints over the No Spin News. And I said to Pompeo.

I said, look, you were secretary of state. And did Putin saber rattle? Saber rattling means threatening to do military action. That's what it means.

He said, no. I said, well, do you believe that if Trump had been reelected, that Putin would have invaded Ukraine. And he goes no.

GLENN: No way.

BILL: And I go, well, how do you back that up? Because we didn't do anything like that, when he was over there and he was fairly reasonable in our discussions.

And then interesting enough, he pivoted to Xi in China and said, where Xi was not reasonable.

All right? He was not.

So to answer your question about.

GLENN: But Trump -- I tell you, Trump knows how to play these guys.

BILL: But they're afraid of him.

GLENN: Yeah, they're afraid of him. He knows how to portray power to these crazy dictators.

BILL: Oh, there's no doubt about it. There's no doubt about it. They were afraid of him. Particularly Iran. Because Trump -- and I know this to be true.

Told the mullahs through Pompeo. You go out and continue.

You haven't heard anything about the Civil War from the Houthis, in Yemen.

You remember that? Okay. Well, he basically said, look, you continue this, destabilizing the Gulf region. And we're going to bomb all your ports, and all -- take out all your ships and all your planes.

That's what we're going to do. You will have nothing. And then he told the Taliban: You kill one more American. All right? One more.

And we're going to come in, and just carpet bomb where you are. And they believed him.

GLENN: So he told me that he talked to President Xi.

He said, you do something like that, and missiles will fly to Beijing.

BILL: Yeah. But that's different, though.

Because Xi didn't believe that. Nobody would believe that. Trump wouldn't have done that.

But what Trump did do to Xi was make his life very difficult economically. And that was the cudgel there.

GLENN: Okay. Let me switch to what you think is the biggest story of the week is.

BILL: Oh, Beck, thank you. Thank you. I've been preparing this --

GLENN: All week. Yeah.

BILL: What is this Hunter Biden lawsuit threat?

GLENN: Thank you.

BILL: But I'm not looking it from an ideological -- the conservatives on television. They're actually taking it seriously.


I don't take this seriously. This is -- I know this -- but here's the main point on this. Hunter has gone rogue.

Because the White House could never have sanctioned this. Ever. In a million years.

Could they have -- yeah. Go ahead. Threaten everybody in the world with lawsuits. Okay.

The White House would have never done that. Because this brings terrible attention back to Joe Biden.

All right?

So Lowell is the new lawyer. And number one, your listeners are astute, or they wouldn't be listening to you, Beck. They would be somewhere else. But they're astute. You have to know, that if a guy like Abbe Lowell, who is shrewd, and he's been around forever, does this -- that means, that action against Hunter Biden is coming.


BILL: Soon, okay?

GLENN: Okay.

So what is happening, Bill, with the FBI going in again this week and searching?

I mean, I'm concerned. I can't believe I'm saying this in defense of -- well, no, I'm saying it in defense of the presidency. You do not want a Justice Department that can just go in to a presidential -- a presidential house.

It was bad enough, when it was a former president.

Now it is the sitting president.

BILL: Yeah. They gave permission though, Beck. So this is a show. It wasn't anything illegal.

If it were illegal, they would have searched the Rehoboth beach house, two months ago. Okay?

GLENN: Right.

BILL: You don't let somebody -- if you look at the documents, you don't give somebody two months to clear them out. Okay?

It's insane.

So all this is a show for the consumer. Now we're going to go over, and we're going to look at the Rehoboth -- well, wait a minute. Hold it. That should have been done in November.

And then they go, and we're going to Pence's house too.

Those of us who really understand the big picture, know what all of this is. It's cosmetics for the folks. It's just, well, yeah.

We did our due diligence. Yeah. Yeah.

But let's get back to the Hunter Biden thing for just one second. So you assume now that there will be an indictment against Hunter Biden. That's what I think this Abbe Lowell thing is all about. It's going to be a tax beef. Okay?

That he didn't pay his taxes, and he only paid him after all of this came out. And that's a federal crime. And Hunter will have to flee it, and he will. It won't go to trial.

He will plea it out. But in the meantime, to mask that. All right?

To mask that big story. Because it will be big. Lowell goes on the offense and says, oh, this is just a fishing expedition. They had to come up with something, and the bigger picture is that my client, Hunter Biden's rights have been violated. Blah, blah, blah, blah.

But it's less than two years. We're going to have a new president. And less than a year, we'll have a presidential primary in New Hampshire.

So Biden does not want to have to continually be defending or even hearing about his son Hunter. And this extends the story, two, three months now.

So to me, I'm sitting there, going, Biden and Susan Rice, who is running the country, by the way. Now that Klain is gone. She's running the country. I'm sure they had no idea this was coming down, and that's an interesting family dynamic, Beck.

GLENN: Okay.

Let me ask you one more question on -- this one is on Kathy Hochul.

What is her deal?

She just introduced a 227 billion-dollar budget. It includes higher payroll taxes. Plus, a cap and trade program, on CO2.

So it's going to cost a lot more money. And then on top of that, let me see here.

She also wants to cap electric bills at 6 percent of income for households, that replace gas appliances. So the war on gas stoves is real.

However, 45 percent of New York's energy comes from gas. What the hell is she doing?

BILL: Well, you're going to have new neighbors with New York accents pretty soon, Beck.

GLENN: Yeah. I know.

BILL: Look, Kathy Hochul is a machine politician, going all the way back to Tammany Hall. New York has always been a state that's been dominated, from Chester Arthur, who I know you know very well. Chester Arthur, on and on and on by the Democratic Party.

And now the Democratic Party is now more radical left than ever before.

And Governor Hochul is not an intellectual genius. She does not intend unintended consequences of her action. You can put things in front of her. And say, look, you raised access again. You will lose another 2 million people to Florida and Texas and to Tennessee, and the Carolinas. And she goes, well, we don't really need them anyway.

Okay. So it's a disaster here. Because it's like Illinois and California.

This is what it is. The progressives have hijacked the state. And they're ruining it. And the people who can move, are moving.

GLENN: It's amazing. Bill O'Reilly, thank you so much.

Bill O'Reilly, you can find him every day, at his No Spin News at BillO'

He's also the author of many killing books. Killing the Killers is the latest one that is out.

All of his books, I think are must-reads. There are 17 million books in the Killing series and print now. Bill O'Reilly, thank you so much. We will talk to you again next week.

BILL: All right, Beck. Thanks.

GLENN: You got it. Buh-bye.

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